Camels & Dragons

Camels & Dragons  was recorded, produced and engineered by Keith Retson Spalding at Titan Sound Recording in Sherwood Park/Edmonton (Can).  At the time I was heavily involved with  Alberta's amazing music/arts/festival scene. This allowed me to  bring in some excellent musicians from the area, like Dave Wright (Jerusalem Ridge) and Dale Ladouceur.  Since this was my first 'pro studio' project the main aim was getting some tried and trusted songs onto tape while not wasting to much studio time; yes it was tape, 2 inch as a matter of fact, so any screw-up would be costly and require some delicate editing/splicing.

The art work was done by painter/illustrator Anne Watson. The original work came in a stunning 3D format, which should be seen and held to truly grasp the work that went into it. The fact that I still use some of the images after all these years shows how much they reflect(ed) my state of mind. The work calls upon the title track which, in turn, is a musical interpretation of 'The Three Metamorphosis of the Spirit' by F. Nietzsche.

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