Cast Adrift

Cast Adrift  was recorded at Middle of the Lake studio in Middenmeer (NL) by Kees Blaauw. Kees is somewhat of an electronics wizard who, by some accounts, started turning speakers into microphones as a child and has never stopped experimenting since.  Middenmeer is a small village where my mother was born and, not surprisingly, this became somewhat of a family project driven by Kees and my cousin, life-long friend and super bassist Ruud Scholten. Kees and Ruud managed to pilfer a who-is-who of Noord Holland's music scene, getting them to drop in and lend a hand . The project was envisioned as an alchemical wedding between the loose rough groove of North America's indie scenes and the technical proficiency possessed by so many of Europe's musicians. The bulk of the project was pulled off in between the end of a European tour and the start of a trans-Atlantic sailing voyage.

The art work was done by myself and reflects my sense of wonder at the beauty and magic of life's possibilities.The title reflects the understanding that most of life's blessings are a double edged sword.

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