Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising  was recorded in Vancouver, BC (Can) at Beat Carver by the incomparable Wayne Adams. Engineer, producer and percussionist extraordinaire for the likes of Geoff Berner and Zolty Cracker, to mention a few. The production theme was somewhat of a homage to the west coasts' vibrant indie music scene of the 90's. In other words, do it all with the instruments and use as little superfluous production as possible. Recorded over a period of time that saw  me leave the city and the country numerous times, amazingly, Wayne managed to keep track of it all.   During this span we managed to bring in a number of musicians to help out. Most notably, the didgeridoo player Vince Sanregret (Hollowed Sound) who was going to play on one or two tracks, but ended up playing all over the project.

The art work was created by Artist/Linguist/Historian Dragana Bozickovic and is meant to reflect both the bare-bones indie spirit of the project and the fact that I was releasing a new project after a fairly lengthy absence from the studio.To further tie the project to the spirit of the west coast,  it has been drawn with dimensions using ancient 'magical' building formulas.

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