Throughout the years and decades people have asked me for copies of albums that I could not always provide.  When not on an actual music tour I would spend long periods of time on the road and water, along the way playing many unscheduled but great places. I kept it "light enough to travel" with a guitar, basic sailing kit and as many albums/CDs as I could carry. Once those albums were sold they weren't easy to replace. Especially considering some of the unexpected and far flung locales in which I found myself, the limited time I would usually spend there, the uncertainty of my next destination and the lack of reliable postal or even basic communication services.


I generally prefer to look forward, yet  it also seems amiss to deny the past. So for those who asked and missed out and for others who are interested, I decided to take some of my favourite tracks from my earlier releases and remaster them into a package. 


A lot of years have passed and the CD is, not so slowly, becoming yet another ubiquitous media format. For now Recollection is only available as a download, although a vinyl version is being considered. It comes with the cover art if you like.

The artwork was done by RotaroStudio and reflects the four albums, each different in their own right yet with a connecting thread. The swirling back is a homage to the turning of it all amidst which these albums were produced.

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