Creative, art-centric production studio. Nestled amidst the unique culture, natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of
BC's Sunshine Coast.

 Whether its music, video, graphics, writing or web publishing, If you would like to produce a project but are not sure how or where to start, we are here to help.

We are budget friendly and community minded. We work on a sliding-scale depending on your situation or the nature of your project. RotaroStudio is a modest yet well equipped studio where you can comfortably explore, develop and produce your ideas



Our official opening was in January 2020. We are a modest but well equipped one-stop production studio.


From design to finished product. whether you have an audio, video, graphics or web project. We can help bring your vision out in the world.


Click the arrow to see some of the project we have been and are currently involved with.


We are currently in production of  'These are our roads, the water', a documentary featuring Sechelt Nation elder Jamie Dixon sharing stories from their history and current life in and around Jervis Inlet. We are aiming for the documentary to be out by the winter of this year.  The trailer should be up in the next couple of weeks. So check back soon, or follow us on FB for updates.

'These are our roads, the water' trailer coming soon


This is a sneak peek for Anselmo's video that is coming out in support of his upcoming album. We have include it here to show the video production. The actual soundtrack is still being produced.. For now we have included the one-take scratch-track that was recorded on site, with all its hums buzzes and imperfections. 

Doctor SpiceHollowed Sound
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My Didgeridoo journey so far has spanned over 2 decades. After playing with so many great musicians, multiple recordings and hundreds of shows I have brought my sound back to its original acoustic place. A place where the music is "felt" as much as heard. With a whole new kit of of instruments Hollowed Sound is born to play intimate, acoustic venues.

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"Dangerously good songwriting

with a self assured irreverence for industry and trends"


Anselmo has completed six extensive European tours, performing on stages at reputable festivals in Canada and several Euro-states. He has toured his music through the USA, Europe, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and as far away as Cape Town on the tip of Africa and the remote South Atlantic island of St. Helena.


If you have some ideas you want to discuss or just want to know a bit more about us, feel free to contact us. We are always interested to hear about new projects.

We are located at Secret Beach in Gibsons, BC on the Sunshine Coast,  five minutes from the ferry, within easy reach of the city.

We offer a focused work environment but if you do need to get out for a break, we are steps from the beach, surrounded by trees and trails, yet within easy reach of downtown Gibsons and its amenities.

If you are coming from the city or further afoot, or if you like to work long hours/days in a row, We do have rooms and amenities available for clients and guests.

We offer an easy going and non-intimidating atmosphere. No matter your level of experience, we will be attentive and respectful of your ideas and will do our utmost to help you realize your vision. Whether you know exactly what you want or just have a basic outline for your project, we ready to listen and  help you realize your vision. We have a lot of in-house experience and a stable of local partner artists to call on should the need arise.

At RotaroStudio we believe creativity comes before industry, trends or money.  We also realize we do not live in a vacuum. We strive to create unique works of art to help you reach your target audience and beyond, while in the process adding more diversity and colour to our world.